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Socially unresponsive bees share something fundamental with autistic humans, new research finds. Genes most closely associated with autism spectrum disorders in humans are regulated differently in unresponsive honey bees than in their more responsive nest mates, the study found.


The findings, reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, appear to be unique to genes associated with autism and not to other behavioral disorders in humans. The study offers an early glimpse of the molecular heritage shared across the animal kingdom, the researchers say, and offers tantalizing clues about the evolution of social behavior.

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Postdoctoral researcher Michael Saul, left, IGB director and entomology professor Gene Robinson and their colleagues found that genes that are closely associated with autism spectrum disorders in humans are regulated differently in the brains of socially unresponsive honey bees than in bees that behave more typically.

Edit embedded media in the Files Tab and re-insert as needed. But when postdoctoral researcher Hagai Shpigler observed that some of those same bees also were unmoved by the presence of a queen larva — a stimulus that typically spurs diligent action in nurse bees — it suggested something unusual was going on, said Robinson, who directs the Carl R.

Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at the U.

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But a small subset of bees tested by Robinson and his colleagues were either always on — energetically responding both to intruders and to queen larvae — or always off, he said. But comparing behavior is not enough, he said.

Analyzing the genes that drive behavior and how those genes are regulated is key to understanding whether the two phenomena are related. To get at this question, the team analyzed groups of bees from seven genetically distinct honey bee colonies, carefully testing each bee in various social contexts, then analyzing levels of gene expression in their brains.

They found that more than 1, genes were regulated differently between unresponsive bees, nurse bees and guards.

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The researchers next turned to a list of genes and gene expression profiles associated with autism in humans. Their goal was to determine whether a significant proportion of the autism-related genes also played a role in the unresponsive bees.

Further analyses found no significant overlap with human genes associated with depression, schizophrenia or several other mental disorders, or with other bee gene lists.

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  • The social responsiveness depends on context, and is different in the two cases. Autism spectrum disorder is very complex, and unresponsiveness is not the only behavior associated with it. News Bureau.

    DOI: Graphic by Mirhee Lee. Photo by L.

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